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On Wednesday April 3rd, participants of Sixth MFW have the option to leave their hotels and attend an all-day field trip to Lebanon’s first nature reserve, Horch Ehden. The beautiful reserve is located 100 kilometres north of Beirut, transportation via bus will be provided. The trip is bound to satisfy its visitors with outstanding cedar forests highlighting Lebanon’s cultural heritage and stunning natural ecosystems. Massively rich in biodiversity, the Nature Reserve of Horch Ehden consists of 1,030 plant species, 156 bird species, 39 tree species, 26 mammal species, 23 reptile species, and various wild mushrooms. The wildlife, plants, and fungi can be seen among the 13 kilometres of trails with four main loops.

For your comfort, please bring comfortable walking shoes or sneakers to explore the 13 km of walking trails. A bagged lunch will be provided and the reserve also features a rest area. The shuttle will leave Brummana at 08h00 and arrive at Horch Ehden at 10h00. Visitors will have until 14h30 to explore before returning to Brummana.

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