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Sessions of the Sixth MFW will be complemented with side events. Six side events in total will be organized on Monday, 1 April and Tuesday, 2 April 2019 between 17:00 and 19:00. A call for side events has been sent to the Joint Organizing Committee members.

As a result of this call, eight proposals have been made and the following six events have been selected:

1.     “Biodiversity for Resilience in the Restoration of Mediterranean Forests”, proposal by Jouzour Loubnan NGO, Fs-USJ, FERI
2.     “Developing National Strategies for the Conservation of Forest Genetic Diversity”, proposal by EUFORGEN – EFI
3.     “Prevention and Restoration on Forest Fires. Linking Actions Before and After Fire”, proposal by the DGF of the Spanish MAPA
4.      “Integrated Landscape Restoration Management: Optimization of Land Use Value for People”, proposal by the Lebanon Restoration Initiative
5.     “Network of Forested Areas of High Ecological Value”, proposal by AIFM
6.     "Cost-benefit Analysis of Forest and Landscape Restoration", proposal by FAO/FLRM

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