Plenary Session on Communication

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Increasing awareness about the benefits of forests for sustainable development and their role in tackling climate change is an ongoing challenge in the Mediterranean region and elsewhere in the world. Misconceptions about forests and forestry exist, and better communication is needed to ensure positive forest messages are heard, both to persuade the general public about the critical role of forests to life on earth and to incite governments to recognize and strengthen the multiple ways in which forests contribute to adapting to and mitigating against climate change.

How do you communicate effectively about Mediterranean forests and climate change? How can communication contribute to reversing negative perceptions about forestry in the region?

Based on their combined experience in championing effective, concerted, and sustained forest communications, the presenters explained why communication is often undervalued in the forest sector and what it takes to make it successful. Too often confused with the provision of information, communication is about making an impact on what relevant target audiences think, believe and do. In this session, participants learned how effective communication regarding forests and climate change requires specific strategies, approaches and techniques, and also how communication can be a powerful tool for change through successful case studies and real-life experiences.


  • Provide clear understanding on the need for effective communication for forests in the context of climate change, with special emphasis on the Mediterranean region;
  • Showcase successful and compelling case studies on how to communicate with stakeholders, local communities and the general public;

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